Someone told me today that I need to stand up and fight for my rights and freedoms.  Another person told me I shouldn’t fight for my rights unless I have a different color of epidermis.

Someone else told me that I should be tolerant of people who think differently than me, but if I think differently than them, I will not be tolerated by them.

Another human said that all humans should be treated equal, then that same person said that our tiniest humans aren’t equal to anything except a blob of mush.

Someone told me that I should fight for My Truth, unless it contradicts Their Truth, then I should fight for their truth, and my truth doesn’t matter anymore.

One man told me that I should sacrifice my life for our nation, while another person said that our nation should sacrifice itself for me.

Someone told me that my life isn’t worth as much as theirs and it won’t be unless I go through exactly what they have gone through, and if I haven’t, well too bad for me.

Someone told me I am racist because I was born a certain race.

Someone told me they don’t care what I believe, what they believe is what I should be believe, and if I don’t believe it, then I don’t care about them their beliefs…believe it or not.

Someone told me to unselfishly fight for the downtrodden, but don’t have a baby if it is going to be downtrodden, cuz that would be selfish.

Someone told me to vote for their guy because he was the best, while someone else told me to vote for their guy because the other guy was the worst, even though their guy wasn’t really the best.

Another person told me that if I look a certain way, I am worth more than if I didn’t look a certain way.

Also, I should only use certain words that don’t mean what they really mean, but it’s better that way, because it makes them feel better about what I mean, know what I mean?

Someone told me that if I don’t speak up, then I am condoning evil by my silence.  So, I spoke up and they told me to shut up.


And this was in 10 minutes on Facebook.  How much better would it be if I just spend an extra ten minutes, or an hour, or two hours, or more in the Word of God?  There I am safe in the wisdom of the Creator, the one who watches patiently, waiting and waiting for us to fall on our knees before Him.  The only TRUTH, the only RIGHT, the only perfect HUMAN, the only one who cares completely and utterly for me, without wanting anything in return by my love.  I’ll think I’ll stick to that Someone from now on.