Perspective 1:

I am a woman. This is my body and I can do with it whatever I want no matter who I hurt. Being pregnant doesn’t make me special and there are no consequences if I decide to get rid of this life inside me. Hurting someone else makes me feel strong. If you tell me different you are oppressing me.

Perspective 2:

I am a woman. I have been given a privilege that no man has. I can nurture and shape a LIFE within my amazing body. While a man may have been part of putting that life there, it is up to me to feed, care and develop this him or her. No man can take that away from me. Only I, as an amazing woman, can do this. I take my strength from the fact that I develop a human being within my body. This makes me feel powerful and needed.

(This is not my own, but I love the power in it. I wrote it down years ago but have no idea who wrote it originally.)