Are You Ready to Bump Up the Media Part of Your Ministry to Another Level?

Are you a church secretary, ministry assistant or volunteer, perhaps a pastor without an office staff or a non-profit director on a shoe-string budget?  Do you plan events for a church or ministry or organize volunteers?  Got an idea for what you want to do but don’t know how to create the flyers, organizational helps and designs, social media?  Is your website so out of date you don’t even know where to start?

As a web developer, graphic design and ministry assistant with over 20 years ministry experience, I want to help you get started!  I have expertise in web and social media design, how to design for events and handle media promotion.  I love what I do and I want to help you love it too!  God has given you the heart for ministry, let me help you get a handle on it!

Loving the Learning

Setting up a Sensational Sign-Up

Today I am going to start with something VERY basic to a church secretary or ministry assistant.  Setting up a sign-up sheet.  You may think, how hard is that?  Anyone can do that!  But this is probably something you must do all the time and how does it look?  My...

My Best Advice:  Don’t be afraid of the HELP Button.

My Best Advice: Don’t be afraid of the HELP Button.

When I first started working in ministry as a church secretary, I knew little to nothing about the computers and software I was working with.  In college I had scratched out my papers on an OLD Macintosh computer (mini) and left it at that.  Now I was presented with a...