For years I have lamented the phrase “my truth.”

It is so hurtful, so wrong, so deceitful. It puts self above all else.

I see it permeating the Church, making us think that our little kingdoms are what matters most instead of God’s kingdom.

If Paul could preach and praise under Nero, can we not flourish under Biden or Trump?

If Peter could grow the Church under the hateful eye of Rome, can we not bring thousands to Him in a “woke” America?

Are we willing to face the lions’ den like Daniel, in steadfast prayer and quiet determination, and in doing so, turn the hearts of kings to God?

Can we await our heavenly kingdom like David, not harming those God had placed above us, even when we know our true inheritance?

Or will we be like the merchants in the temple, hawking our political wares to whoever will listen in the hopes we can live another day in comfort?

Be careful, my brothers and sisters. I struggle each day with what the future holds.

But one thing I KNOW from the very WORD of God: If God is with us, who can be against us! (Romans 8)  This is God’s Truth.  And if it’s His, then and only then is it My Truth as well.