Every ministry or event wants something – a logo, a picture, a tag line – that exemplifies it’s mission.  It’s important to listen to the client, or ministry leader and ask questions about what their focus and purpose is as well as what styles they are interested in before getting started on your design work.

Here is an example of a design I created for my husband’s ministry (a local faith-based free clinic) that was hosting a fundraising 5K a few years ago:

When I talked to him about it, he really wanted to focus on the fact that it was a 5K as well as it’s association with the clinic.  I was able to incorporate the 5K idea, but it is also very clear what the benefit is for and the stethoscope adds the element of health care.  In retrospect, I think I would have made the theme of hope and healing a little more central, but at the time, we were trying to attract runners, etc who might want to train but for a charitable reason.  We had a great turn out and the clinic raised about $5000 from the benefit.  I still look back and look at this design as one of my favorite event logos.  It is clean, simple but elegant in it’s style.  It’s important in designing to make sure you make what you are advertising most a priority in your design.  Ministries might have an event, but they want to emphasize the why of that event.  5K – a benefit!  Can’t miss it!

In recent years we have changed the theme from a standard 5K to simply a walk-run-roll that people can participate in at whatever level they like.  So, I changed the theme from a straight 5K to just walk-run-roll for hope and healing.  It changes the emphasis to more of the benefit side than the run side.  I have kept same colors which are in keeping with the clinic’s regular colors so you can’t miss that it is for Living Well Clinic.  As events change, as themes change, so must design.  I really like this one as well, but it definitely has a different feel from the first one.


One of the things I like about this one is that it is simple to incorporate over images.  We used the image to the right for social media posts advertising the event.  It is more simple, but the theme is clear.  A walk run roll focusing on the theme of Hope and Healing, the clinic’s mission.  The Board really liked and we will probably continue to use this one in the years to come.